Blue Lasso was born from our own need. We knew there had to be a better way.



We needed a frictionless sales process….

We were born out of necessity. After years of seeing time and talent wasted on creating internal only documents, spending time in thousands of meetings with hundreds of sales reps and hearing endless excuses on missed forecasts, we had no choice.


Not Just Another Tool

We start with the idea of reducing sales workload by replacing redundant internal only sales documents. Our experience has shown us that every sales enablement methodology breaks the golden rule: you can’t add work to a salesperson if you don’t also take away work. It has to balance out. Period.


Blue Lasso Technology

Blue Lasso is a native mobile platform and advisory subscription service that supercharges any sales methodology.

By creating a dynamic set of visuals for both the client and internal management and updating that information in real time Blue Lasso eliminates the need for salespeople to reproduce meetings, notes or presentations.  And, we integrated with to remove one more tedious job - data entry.

Users create content (visual conversations) and collaborate with clients that becomes the data for analysis with real-time feedback from internal management or Blue Lasso coaches.

The Blue Lasso platform works with your team’s existing knowledge and experience to ensure greater forecast accuracy leading to more predictable business. Our standard formats encourage sales teams' active participation and allow both internal and external resources to meaningfully engage earlier in every sales cycle.


Maxwell Baylin


Maxwell is the founder, main architect and creator of the Blue Lasso Visual Methodologies and Tools.

Originating from work done in his first start-up in the late 1990s around data visualization, Maxwell subsequently joined Gartner Inc.
Over a decade of fact-based research engaging with hundreds of salespeople and participating in 1000s of client-facing and internal meetings, he identified challenges with traditional patterns in customer relationships, sales operations, and internal and external communications.

Combining this work with real world application Maxwell became a global top sales performer in both multiple verticals and regions. Promoted to the role of director in Gartner’s largest business unit, Maxwell engaged with targeted sales regions, transforming them into top global business units under his guidance. In addition, Maxwell drove the adoption of a new business product from launch to over 25 million dollars in revenue in less than two years.

Prior to joining Gartner, Maxwell was a founder of an early stage technology start-up Opplink Inc. that launched the first visual data modeling tools for geographic community users in 2000.  Always self starter, he put himself through university by establishing a t-shirt company that he later expanded to clothing distribution across North America and Europe.

He has been a presenter at Gartner Symposium, as well as facilitating sessions around his work on the Visual Equation.


Darryl West


Darryl began his engineering career as an electronic hardware engineer in 1980 while attending the University of Washington's Biomedical Electronic Engineering program. He then later focused on software engineering and launched Rain City Software in 1986. After building significant accounting, hospitality, and business clients, Darryl eventually was hired by Sun Microsystems to re-engineer and automate their RMA/Customer upgrade systems.

Darryl then went to Settlenet Financial, which created its own cryptocurrency that enabled buyers to execute anonymous transactions with merchants for Internet purchases, and also provided a ledger of purchases.

Prior to working for Blue Lasso, Darryl was CTO at Roundpeg where he managed a remote international development team working on custom web-based projects.


Aaron Downey


With more than 25 years of technology experience under his belt, Aaron was a key player in launching,, and Based on the success of those initiatives, Aaron's next venture was engineering one of the first online options trading platform for the different exchanges. Always trying to push forward, Aaron continued to hone his skills in application development and management, and has continued to develop cutting-edge applications for Fortune 500 companies.


Nick Heron

Client Relations

Nick is a client-relations and sales-support specialist with a deep background in E-commerce.

Nick has a passion for working with customers, clients and the community to drive positive actions by reducing and removing communication barriers.

Devoted to creative problem solving and creating clear communications, he recognizes Blue Lasso as the next step in the evolution of sales and presentations.

It's all about being more effective by making meetings matter.

See the Blue Lasso app for yourself