CYA and CYB – Cover Your Bases.

Advice that I have received often enough at work is to CYA or cover your ass. This means, operating in a way that insulates you from negative impacts later if promises fail to be kept or worse. The standard advice for this is to create a paper trail log all of your calls and to copy everyone and their dog in emails. “Of course, you were notified of that change. You were copied on the email months ago…”


The assumption that motivates this advice is that it is very common to veer away from an agreement, and that things will go south. An uncomfortable assumption and one that creates an environment where it is difficult to foster trust.


As we build Blue Lasso, I find relief in the fact that it the methodology is engineered to never let the agreement get that far away.


By building a better starting agreement and revisiting it constantly with clients, as it is always available,  it allows you to cover your bases and not your ass by;

  1. Keeping things transparent
  2. Bringing the agreed upon plan into every discussion


Work never varies significantly from the initial agreement as you have both determined what the agreement is, as clearly as possible using visuals, you’ve determined who has to be


if they aren’t as the entire plan is shared constantly – with the development of people maps – you determine from the beginning who should be involved in what meetings –


The second upside of Blue Lasso Methodology is that communications between your team and your client don’t differ.  You haven’t wasted time on two sets of communication – one that some people might agree on and one that stakeholders might agree on


If all meetings occur over the methodology -every meeting is a sign off on the continued scope of work.


Agree upon the work early and make it clear – and review it constantly – this is where The Blue Lasso saves you from devoting energy to CYA – and allows you to concentrate on sales and service.


The Blue Lasso Methodology is transparency in action.