Thank you. Why did you leave?

I want to express a sincere thank you to the other firms that pitched at an angel investor forum that we attended a couple of weeks ago. Thank you. But really, why did you all leave so early? Things got interesting after you left.


Backing up a little bit…


We had a chance to pitch an angel investor forum in Seattle. Pitching your company in front of an audience is always valuable. You get to practice your pitch and you may get funded if they like what they hear.


In our green room setting we got to talk to all of the groups that were pitching. We learned about their products, their backgrounds, and their value propositions. We had some coffee and we shared some jokes.


As the morning went on groups went in to pitch, came back, checked email, exchanged business cards and wandered off. After our pitch we went back to the group we did a quick post-mortem and noticed that some of the others were gone. We didn’t take much note of it.


We had a great conversation with one of the venue hosts and as we did the pack of other presenters thinned out. We were told about the speaker that the group had brought in and it sounded good. The breakfast buffet turned into a lunch buffet and the last of the gang making their pitch spoke came back, gathered his suitcase and left.


That’s when we realized that we were the only team pitching left. Since everyone else had gone, we decided to check if we were actually invited to the presentation. We were.


We grabbed sandwiches and headed back into the boardroom for what turned out to be the an incredibly valuable hour. The presenter had decided to turn most of his time over give-and-take discussion. We sat there and got to ask the investors, and investor representatives specific questions about our pitch, abou successful pitches. We got advice on relating to investors, and very frank input on everything numbers to relationship management from the investor perspective.


It was practically a start-up coaching bootcamp. And it as private. All the other groups missed out on this chance.


That’s why I’d like to thank all the other teams that pitched for not sticking around that day.

It wouldn’t have been possible had you all been there.


But seriously, why did you leave? You missed out.