What to Listen For in a Meeting

One of the underlying message at Blue Lasso is that salespeople, or really anybody whose work involves transactions with others should be prepared to capitalize on any unforeseen opportunities. These opportunities happen when you’re having a discussion and you can easily brush past them if you aren’t listening carefully.


When your client or prospect reveals something that you weren’t expecting, explore it, do not be in rush to return to your script or presentation.


Part of executing on this means researching your client, their client and the market space. Then when the meeting starts, listen closely to what they are saying and how they are saying it.


I was reminded of this during a client call this week. As we worked through our agenda items and the client mentioned a couple of things that showed they had trepidation about an upcoming engagement of theirs. We paused and drilled down on that and found a way to provide a solution. We increased our engagement, and had a happier customer.


Prepare to hear something else, and be prepared to address it for the client. The agenda that you built needs to be responsive and flexible. Your solution may scale, or may translate to another project, department or problem that they are having.


We were prepared to deviate from our plan because we had done research and viewed the competitive landscape from our client’s perspective.


A second key to this preparedness is understanding your client’s tonality. Are they expressing more concern or eagerness than you expected? These things are telling. And they are a chance for you to solve a problem.


Are they anxious to move on? Why? Do they understand the risk or necessary investment?


Are they concerned about moving on and engaging? Why? Do they appreciate the potential benefits?


Do your research and have some idea as to how your product or service can be a solution in all possible scenarios.