Why Can’t I Get that Meeting? Failure and Success.

Within a company, even a small one, booking a team meeting can be a challenge even on the best days.


In sales, getting meetings is one of the great challenges faced by sales person; convincing someone you don’t know that you a meeting would be beneficial to them – they may have tons of people vying for their time and your signal will be lost in the noise.


One of the greatest puzzles though is why you can’t book meeting with people who have already spent their money on you – and you are trying to deliver on the value that was sold to them.


Honestly, they’ve paid for your service and they have access to your help. Now, why can’t you get the meeting and give them your service.


I’ve been there. I trust that you’ve been there too.


The simple answer is that you haven’t made them need to take your meeting.


Here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure that you are making them need to take the meeting.


  • Have you made yourself valuable?
  • Have you expressed the value you can deliver?
  • Do you know what value you can deliver.
  • Most importantly, have you made them need to take the meeting with you?
  • Have you made yourself invaluable in the past?


Is what you’re doing, going to save them money, time, effort? Have you made that clear?


Every call is a sales call.
This is a lesson that smart organizations impress upon all of their employee, that there is no earthly reason why every interaction does not involve promoting the interests of the organization.